Background Checks REQUIRED as of NOVEMBER 1, 2016

The Board shall consider the following factors in reviewing an applicant’s criminal background:

 1) the level and seriousness of the crime.

 2) The date of the crime.

 3) the age of the person at the time of the crime.

 4) The circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime, if known.

 5) The nexus between the criminal conduct and the prospective duties of the applicant when licensed, registered or certified.

6) The prison, jail, probation, parole, rehabilitation, and employment records of the applicant since the date the crime was committed.

7) The completion of, or active participation in, rehabilitative drug or alcohol treatment.

 8) A Certificate of Relief granted pursuant to G.S. 15A-173.2

 9) The subsequent commission of a crime by the applicant.

 10) Any affidavits or other written documents, including character references.

If your application is denied in whole or in part because of a criminal conviction, you may request a hearing before the Board under N.C. Gen. Stat §§ 150B-38 through 41.



  • Request a fingerprint card at your local sheriff's department and get fingerprinted.
  • Items required to be submitted:
  • Sample Card HERE (without prints / applicants need to visit Sheriffs Dept to get fingerprinted) 

Once you have received your fingerprint card, please take it to the nearest Sheriff’s Department and have completed. Return the completed fingerprint card along with the $38 fee and Authority for Release form to the Board office.



The applicant's fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. The procedures for obtaining a change, correction, or updating of your criminal history record are set forth in Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 16.34.


Keep the information entered within the blocks provided. The FBI has indicated that their card scanners cannot pick up the required information if it overlaps the blue border of the block.


The following blocks on the fingerprint card must be completed: (type or print all information in black ink) SEE ENCLOSED/ATTACHED SAMPLE CARD HIGHLIGHTED AREAS. 



RESIDENCE (Applicants street address including city, state and zip) NO P.O. BOX

DATE (MM DD YY; January 4, 2012 would be 01 04 12)


NAME (Last, First, Middle; include complete middle name)

ALIASES (AKA) including maiden names or previous names

CITIZENSHIP (country of which you are a citizen, for ex U.S. for United States)

SSN # (Social Security Number)

SEX (Single letter, M for male, F for female)

RACE (W or C for White, H for Hispanic, B for Black, A for Asian, AI for American Indian)

HGT (Use three numbers; 6 feet 2 inches is 602; 5 feet 10 inches is 510).

WGT (Use three numbers; 210 pounds is 210; 145 pounds is 145)

EYES (Use three letters; BLU for Blue; BRO for Brown; HZL for Hazel; GRN for Green; GRY for Gray; BLK for Black)

HAIR (BLK for Black, BLN for Blond, BRN for Brown, GRY for Gray, RED for Red, WHT for White , XXX for Bald)

DOB (date of birth) MMDDYY; January 4, 1980 would be 010480

POB (place of birth; State, if within U.S., otherwise Country)




 The Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division provides identification services based on fingerprint submissions. To better serve the criminal justice community, the CJIS Division attempts to prevent delays in processing and/or rejections of fingerprints by addressing problems commonly encountered.

  Paper fingerprint submission must meet specific criteria to be converted into an electronic format and processed by the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS).  The following may cause a rejection or delay in processing:

  •   Low quality print by dot matrix printers
  •  Poor penmanship
  •  Use of highlighter in entry block
  •  Entry not within boundaries of entry block
  •  Labels applied to “Leave Blank” areas
  •  Submission on non-standard fingerprint card
  •  Use of pencil or ink other than blue or black