Renew a Professional Entity
(Professional Corporation or
Professional Limited Liability Company [PLLC])

BY JANAURY 15, 2023.


To renew your Professional Entity online, you will need to enter the Professional Entity Number EXACTLY as shown in the email you recently received from the Board regarding Professional Entity renewals. In order to  renew online, you MUST pay the $25 renewal fee by credit/debit card by JANUARY 15, 2023 in order to avoid an additional $10 late fee.

To renew online, enter your Professional Entity Number below, and click Renew Online.

The Corporate Renewal Period has ended.
Please contact the Board with any questions.

Note: If you encounter issues, please use Chrome or Firefox. If you get a "not accurate" notification try entering the certificate number with only the last 4 digits (do not input the "CO" that appears before the four digits).

In addition, American Express is not an accepted form of payment if you review online. CHANGES OF INFORMATION: If any contact information for your Professional Entity has changed, please email the new information to the Board at The email MUST contain the name of your Professional Entity in order to be processed. Otherwise, the changed information cannot be processed.